The 9 Types of Collabohaters 
(and how to turn them into Collaborators)

Collabohaters are found in nearly every organization. Whether they lurk in the shadows or luxuriate in the spotlight, and whether their intentions are pure or polluted, one thing is certain: they will seriously mess with your collaborative mojo.

This field guide is meant to help you identify collabohaters wherever they may lurk and bend them to your will. And, of course, in the unlikely event that you recognize your own behavior in these pages, it’s an opportunity to check yourself before you wreck yourself.  


Your mission:

  • Identify the saboteurs, clowns, doormats, know-it-alls, bridge trolls, prophets of doom, divas, Sloppy Joes and half-bakers in your business
  • Understand the unique ways each of them can derail your collaborative dreams
  • Turn these collabohaters into collaborators
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